I’m Lane Baker, founder and operator of our high end home construction service. I bring to your project a decade of experience here in Charleston, surrounding communities and the Islands. Before becoming a Charleston Builder I ran an engineering firm. As you may know, engineering is a precise profession. I insist on that same precision in our designs and construction. Here’s what that means to you when you hire me to be your Charleston Contractor:

A flawless final product with the fit and finish you demand
An efficient building timetable that spares no detail work
Sub-contractors who warranty their work
A staff project manager to personally supervise and approve the workmanship
Aggressive pricing

Some people want to know what part precision plays in aggressive pricing when selecting us as your Charleston Builders. It is essential. We know homes, we know what it takes to build them exceptionally well and we know that we can still “bring them in” at favorable cost. Because we are detail driven and results oriented, it is possible to price our labor and materials acquisition very specifically. No guesswork. No built-in slack that increases cost quotes. No voodoo economics to cover work that has to be redone (we get it right the first time). No expensive surprises at the end of the project.

Along with the finest Charleston Builders, we have a consummate career management professional as an operating partner who brings uncanny financial discipline to the process of bidding, budgeting and cost analysis. She closed her management firm to take part in our drive to become the top construction and real estate service in the region. She is my mother, Deane Chavous.

We are equally aggressive about quality assurance. That’s why the third member of our Charleston Builders management team is Wade Green, a construction professional whose background includes commercial projects - where error is always unacceptable! Wade has built a network of sub-contractors and vendors who meet his insistence on top work all the time, every time. He will be your go-to guy during the construction phase of your project. For a man with such high standards, he’s refreshingly low key and our customers and crews enjoy him.

All of this skill and background add up to an ability to deliver high end, peak quality homes on timetables that are the envy of the industry. We have proven that there is simply no need to budget nine months to a year for home construction. As your Charleston Contractor, our goal is to have you “in” in six to seven months. We do it with precision planning, precise execution and exacting building practices from a team who know what we expect and deliver it.

The list of vendors and manufacturers with which we have relationships reads like a Who’s Who in quality products: Moen, Marsh Cabinets and Andersen Windows and Doors and many more. They are partners in our aggressive timetables for construction, enabling us to have materials and appliances delivered on time, eliminating delays.

For a home tailor made for you call 843-452-3192. The Baker Group, one of the leading real estate teams in Charleston, SC are  available to you as well.
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Custom home building
New home construction
Luxury home building
Custom House Plans
Lot selection
Lot evaluation

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